Cyberion Technology Support Services (CTSS) has an intensive Information Communication & Technology (ICT) Training Program.
Which is targeted at training local content in Nigeria especially in sectors like Oil and gas, Manufacturing and the Public & Private Sector. Our Training program is done in a two-pronged approach method:

  • Intensive Professional ICT courses and compulsory qualification exams taken and passed
  • Hands on experience training and knowledge transfer given in our fully equipped technical laboratory

We strongly believe that giving our trainees hands on experience, which will shave off the novice nerves will drastically improve the knowledge acquired from the intensive Professional ICT course and enable them hit the ground running with more confidence.

CTSS also has a program called Training for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
We strongly believe in Creating an IT educated workforce for our fast growing, enterprise economy.

CTSS aims to create a more Information Technology (IT) educated workforce that is flexible in Nigeria to ensure our workforce across the public, private, voluntary and community sectors are highly skilled and positioned to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. CTSS Professional Development is well placed to turn this vision into reality and through our extensive range of training products and access to experts, we work with  employers and their workforces on a daily basis to give them the best professional development service.

Professionalism is something every organisation must present to customers, the public, vendors, and competition. Many people view professionalism as something that individuals should practice. However, the concept stretches to all aspects of an organisation. A key practice to any organisation is to successful integrate professionalism into all aspects of its operations, advertising, and customer relations.

At CTSS we know the importance of Professionalism and we intend to educate our trainees on how important adhering to a set of values which include meeting professional obligations, conducting oneself according to formal and informal codes of conduct, and meeting the expectations of everyone with whom they come into contact with as part of their business role.