Our Knowledge Grid

The OWL®

CTSS has developed the OWL® - (Online Workers Link) - an ecosystem for value creation that leverages three primary groups:

A coordinated pool of subject area experts and experienced resource people in ICT. These are mainly professionals who have gained significant expertise and exposure in ICTs and are either based locally or in the diaspora.

The CTSS manpower pool developed from participants of our training programs. These are usually brilliant young Nigerians with aptitude who have been re-purposed as knowledge or information workers with digital skills through one or more of our training programs.

The third group comprises of Industry - seeking to employ relevant skilled workers;   Development Partners - wishing to fund and encourage youth empowerment and wealth creation programs; and Agencies of Government - with mandates to grow local content or build knowledge capacity in youths or disadvantaged groups.

CTSS provides IT professionals registered on the OWL with targeted training and certifications on skills that are attractive to employers in various industries. CTSS further supports such candidates with placement support and on the job coaching and mentoring, health care insurance and other benefits that guarantee performance, career growth and continuous development.

By virtue of their work and capabilities, most of our IT professionals are location independent workers (LIWs) so we can present employers and recruiters with the lowest total cost of skilled employee options available in the industry.

By using the OWL for recruitment and resourcing needs, employers can engage an adequately skilled team or workforce on a freelance, part time or full time basis and can therefore be free from the human capital responsibilities of most of their ICT workforce while gaining access to skilled manpower on a pay per use basis. Employers and workers are also protected from the effects of ‘casualization’ as several worker benefits are provided on the OWL.

This approach gives CTSS a particularly strong and flexible work force, which means we can:

  • Leverage a truly global workforce utilizing an extensive range of over 1000 technologists, consultants and professionals.
  • Deploy a multi-skilled, flexible workforce than can scale rapidly from small assignments to large projects.
  • Conceptualize and scope projects to the most exacting global standards, deliver and support them with local resources.
  • Leverage otherwise disadvantaged groups – like women who can be location independent and thus save cost in terms of relocation, housing and other requirements.
  • Leverage affiliations and partnerships with top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Solutions providers.